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Construction and implementation works of the VENTILATION SYSTEM projects for buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial plants, Shopping Malls, Business centers, Residential buildings, Mass Housing projects, Sports Complexes, Entertainment Centers are in our main fields of activity.


Ventilating is the process of providing an indoor clean air in natural or mechanical way. While the fresh/clean air enters an equivalent volume of air heated and contaminated by with harmful gases, reeks and dusts would be discharged. The mechanical ventilation is ensured by the means of ventilators intaking the fresh air or discharging the polluted air. The mechanical ventilation which is not due to effects such as temperature and wind is easily controllable; therefore it is widely used in places needing a certain rate of air exchange.

The easiest way to maintain the necessary level of indoor oxygen is to provide a ventilation system.
The polluted air (carpets, feather dress, perfume, body odor, etc.)which the oxygen content is decreased is leaved in atmosphere and the highly oxygenated and unpolluted fresh air would be (passing through the required filter system) intaken. This is one of the most important conditions of human health and productivity.
The process of discharging the contaminated air outside and filtering the fresh air as well as the decontamination and the transmission of the conditioned air in terms of humidity and temperature are part of the ventilation system.