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Plumbing Systems

Plumbing Systems

Sanitation systems: Construction and implementation works of the PLUMBING SYSTEM projects for buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial plants, Shopping Malls, Business centers, Residential buildings, Mass Housing projects, Sports Complexes, Entertainment Centers are in our main fields of activity.


Plumbing is the system which includes the supply, storing, heating, softening, pressurization and distribution of the necessary water for the building; sewage treatment, purification of waste water, rain water drainage and fire extinction subjects.

In our modern world, the importance of plumbing engineering is undeniable for ensure a healthy, safe, comfortable and affordable life style and modern buildings to the people. This is an important and self-renewal area of expertise. In the preliminary phase of the building plumbing projects; piping locations and devices layouts should be study with architects on design projects. In order to create a modern plumbing system; the following criteria could be listed:

  • To provide a reliable clean water to the residents of the building and prevent mixing of any liquid in this water,
  • To establish a suitable system in terms of quantity and pressure of supplied water, the number of devices,
  • To establish facilities to store the water, when necessary,
  • To ensure the protection of the waste water drainage system by an adequate maintenance against clogging and pollution, accumulation of solids,
  • To select the appropriate piping equipment and materials for an acceptable lifespan,
  • To provide an appropriate separation, insulation and ventilation of the clean water and sewage systems.