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Heating System

Heating System

Construction and implementation works of the HEATING SYSTEM projects for buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial plants, Shopping Malls, Business centers, Residential buildings, Mass Housing projects, Sports Complexes, Entertainment Centers are in our main fields of activity.


A heating system is a mechanism for maintaining temperatures at a suitable level within a living space and this mechanism is based on the principle of covering the loss of heat from the external environment to the internal environment. A heating system can be pronounced in two category such as centralized or local (district).

A central heating system is generally used in big buildings in cold climate. The system includes a central boiler or heater in order to heat the fluid (water, air or steam) to be used; piping for distribution of the heated fluid and the final heat transmitters (radiators, fan coils, heat appliances, etc.) to transfer heat to the ambient air.
The final heat transmitters are some kind of heat exchanger transmitting the heat by convection (transport). Also, the central heating systems are available and they provide a floor heating via underground concealed conduits. The whole system possess pump circulating the heating water. The heating water is used generally also for supplying another heat exchanger in order to provide hot tap water which is stored in a reservoir.
Concerning the air heating systems, the air is circulated through the air duct system.The air duct systems could be used for cooling and air conditioning (or combi boiler) and the air could be cleaned by passing through filters.

The local heating systems are based generally on the same working principal.

However, in this case, the users are heating their dwellings individually and not by a common (central) heating system. As in central heating systems, hot water heating systems could be used for this kind of individual heating. In that case, the users make use of some heating devices called boilers/combi or room heaters to heat the radiators in their dwellings. These compact devices have a lower capacity compared with central boilers. Generally circulation pumps would be installed on the device. Apart from these; the individual heating devices such as air conditioning system (hot air convection), heaters (solid fuel-burning heaters, electric heaters, liquid fuel burning heater as gas-oil/ kerosene heaters) and fireplaces are prevalent nowadays.