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Fire Installation

Fire Installation

Construction and implementation works of the FIRE EXTINCTION SYSTEM projects for buildings such as Hotels, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Office Buildings, Industrial plants, Shopping Malls, Business centers, Residential buildings, Mass Housing projects, Sports Complexes, Entertainment Centers are in our main fields of activity.


Fire extinction system is a mechanism made to extinguish the potential fire by protecting from damage the human health and the goods. Fire extinction systems in the buildings are composed of extinguishing systems, smoke evacuation systems and pressurization system. Fire Extinguishing Systems could be
Water Based, gas based, foam based and Chemical extinguishing systems.

The water based systems are Sprinkler Systems, Hydrant System, Fire Cabinets and FDC systems.
First intervention to the fire in the buildings and industrial installations is made generally by portable extinguishers (chemical dry powder or carbon dioxide).
If the fire is not extinguished via these devices; it will be responded to the fire with the water from the fire-hose cabinets and if this is not sufficient, the automatic sprinkler system will be activated and then the firefighters would be engaged.

In addition to water, dry chemical powder and carbon dioxide extinguishing systems; there is also possible to find clean gauze and foam based extinguishing systems