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Mechanical Project Services

Practice Areas

Güneydoğu Engineering and Consulting continues to serve your business partners in a wide range of mechanical installation sector.

1. Comfort Applications

  • Accommodation Facilities like Hotels and Dormitories
  • Conference, Cinema, Theater, Opera Halls
  • Malls, Shops, Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Housing, Educational Facilities etc. buildings


2. Industrial Applications

  • Central Boiler and Natural Gas Plumbing Systems For Manifacturing Facilities

3. Project and Consultancy

  • Heating Systems Projecting,
  • Cooling Systems Projecting,
  • Air Conditioning Systems Projecting,
  • Ventilation Systems Projecting,
  • Fire Plumbing Systems Projecting,
  • Natural Gas Systems Projecting,
  • Sanitary Installation Project,
  • Siphonic System Projecting,
Mechanical Project Services